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Tuesday, 23 Jan 2018

OEM Remanufactured Engines

Save Big Money!rebuilt engine

Improve Gas Mileage!

Increase Performance!

No More Oil Leaks!

3 Year Labor Warranty!

All these things can be yours when you buy a Total Engine Service remanufactured crate engine!

That big oil leak in your driveway or those strange noises coming from under your hood doesn't have to mean you'll be stuck with a new car payment soon.  Instead, why not replace your engine and keep it going for another 100,000 + miles. Its not as expensive as a new car and your new remanufactured engine will give you the same reliability as a new vehicle would. Trust T.E.S. to install your new remanufactured engine or have one of our certified installers get you back on the road today!

T.E.S. only sells premium remanufactured engines that have been completely rebuilt in house by our professional staff.

T.E.S. Crate engines are built to meet or exceed factory standards on all specifications and tolerances.

Why spend money on buying a new car when you can replace your cars' engine with a T.E.S. remanufactured crate engine and save time and money!

T.E.S. also offers professional installation services; get the best rebuilt engine, and have our professionals install it!

Looking to install our engine yourself? Don't forget to buy an install package in order to have all the parts you need for a complete install.

Why buy from us?

Lets compare our long block engine to our competitors (which includes major auto parts stores).


Competitors Long Block Engine                                       TES Long Block Engine

Long Block Enginerebuilt engine

On the left you will see what our competitors consider a "long block"

On the right you will see what a T.E.S. Long Block has that the other does not, including:

  • Intake and Gaskets
  • Valve Covers and Gaskets
  • Timing Cover and Gasket
  • New Balancer
  • Oil Pump
  • Oil Pick up Screen
  • Oil Pan and Gasket
  • Professional installation of the above parts


Our engine is ready to drop in! where as the competitors is not......

Why waist your time purchasing one of our competitors "Long Blocks" that you have to complete your self, when you can get a T.E.S. Long Block that's already complete with very competitive pricing?

Don't believe it?

Call us and get a price quote today! 1-800-792-5265