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Tuesday, 23 Jan 2018



Total Engine Service carries a very wide selection of cams for all kinds of engines.

If you are unsure what cam is the best for you please call our technical line at 806-791-5960

When it comes to a cam choice every application is different meaning every cam is different, make sure you get the right cam for your car.

Cam Packages

Cam Packages

Our cam packages come complete with TES hardened pushrods, and springs that are made for your cam and valvetrain set up.

High Performance Lifters

high performance lifters

When going with a big cam that requires more and more spring pressure your stock lifters just can't keep up, but TES high performance lifters can. Take the ticking sound out of your engine and give it the right amount of travel through the hydraulics to give you optimum performance.

LS Trunion Kit

LS Trunion Kit

The LS rocker arms have had problems failing with higher hp motors and have been known to come apart and spread little needle bearings every where.

TES has the solution to this problem with our upgrade kit. Send us your used or new factory LS rockers, we finish the bodies and upgrade them with high quality bearings & trunions. Then for even more added insurance we install steel snap rings to keep things in place. This dependable engine upgrade has proven to be an affordable option for your stock LS rocker arms. Also included with the kit, 16 class 12.9 alloy 8mm socket head cap screws.

$200 exchange

Valve Train Components

We carry all valvetrain components for all engines including



  • Timing Sets/Timing Chains
  • Belt Drives
  • Rocker Arms
  • Pushrods
  • Lifters
  • Screw in Rocker Arm Studs
  • Guide Plates
  • Valve Springs
  • Spring Retainers
  • Keepers